Self and Pear assessment




1)      Did I keep myself/my partner focused?

2)     Was I/my partner kind and respectful towards others?

3)     Did I/my partner listen well to suggestions?

4)     Did I/my partner contribute to the project, not necessarily in quantity, but in functional ways to keep the work moving in a positive direction?

5)     Overall, how effectively did you/your partner work on this project?

6)     How knowledgeable, well prepared, respectful in the midst of discussion or disagreement, enthusiastic, and honest with the group was I/ my partner?

7)      Give one specific example of something you learnt from your partner that you probably would not have learnt working alone.

8)     Describe the best and worst part of your performance.

Self assesment

1) Not at all because I was talking to the extras.

2) Yes I was respectful and kind towards others.

3) Yes I listen to suggestions , but I don´t liked so we don´t use.

4) Yes I contribute to the project, writing the play and saying ideas.

5) I worked very hard in this project.

6) I was very knowledgeable, well prepared, respectful in the midst of discussion or disagreement, enthusiastic, and honest with the group.

7) I learnt to work in group.

8) The best part of the performance I think that was when Jose Pedro jumps out of the boat whith some money of his fathers and swim to the beach to live whith me.

Pear assessment

1) Not at all because he was talking to the extras.

2) Yes he was respectful and kind towards others.

3) Yes he listen to my suggestions.

4) Yes he contribute to the project, specially writing the play on the computer.

5) He work very good at this project.

6) He was very knowledgeable, well prepared, respectful in the midst of discussion or disagreement, enthusiastic, and honest with me,saying if he like or not my ideas.


Drama Performance

The activity of the drama performance was exciting.I liked it so much . To do the activity we had to do a play of the victorian time.

All the groups worked well and some classmates had funny plays ,but other plays bored me.The costumes were excellent and some of there surprised me.

I think that test is different at the normal ones it is best.

My character profile


Basic Statistics
Socioeconomic Level as a child:Lower class
Socioeconomic Level as an adult:
Current Residence:London
Occupation:Crossing boy
Income:120 shillings
Talents/Skills:runningand climbing
Salary:10 shillings
Date of Birth:6 of december
Siblings (describe relationship):No
Spouse (describe relationship):No
Children (describe relationship):No

Physical Characteristics:
Eye Color:Green
Hair Color:Black
Skin color:White

Intellectual/Mental/Personality Attributes and Attitudes 

Educational Background:No
Intelligence Level:Medium
Any Mental Illnesses?No
Learning Experiences:My dad dead in the war
Character’s short-term goals in life:Have friends
Character’s long-term goals in life: Have a work
How does Character see himself/herself? Like a good child
How does Character believe he/she is perceived by others? As a funny boy

Good friends,different classes


Jose Pedro-Albert: Rich boy and son of the Duke

Joaquin Sifon-James: Poor and crossing boy


Streets of London

James Mom

James, go to work


I don’t want to go

James Mom

Go to clean the streets now


(in a bad way) Alright

(James goes to clean the streets when Albert the rich boy comes)


Hello, how are you I am Albert


(Angry) I feel bad so

don’t talk to me


What happen?


I don’t like to work


Why do you come to work?


Because my family force me


Come with me to play


I don’t now if I want


Come, please



(They Become very good friends).(James don’t recive money because he don’t work an his mother was angry with him). (He can’t play with his friends)


Hello, how are you?


Hello, I can’t play with you




I have to work for money


Alright.I have to tell you something.




That my parents are going to Australia because our family is there.


No you can’t go…I have a plan.


What plan?


When the boat start,you are going to jump with some money to the water and you swim to the beach to live with me.


We have two hours.

(When the two hours passed,they were in the harbour ready to go to the boat).


No,I do not want to go to Australia.

Mom and Dad of Albert



(Do a signal to James) Alright I do not have a choice to stay here in England

(The boat starts when Albert takes the money of his parents and jumps out of the boat)

Mom and Dad of Albert

No,stop the boat please.


The plan worked well

(Albert show the money)

James Mother

With that money we can have a good life now

James and Albert

Yes we can be friends now.


We can go to play?



Victorian Times

Poor boy

Hello,my name is James,I am a poor boy.I dont go to school,because I have to work as crossing boy.A crossing boy is the one that cleans the streets,they pay low wages.I dont want to do this work,I want to go to school,but I cant ,because my family dont have money,I have no choice.

The rich ones dont have to do this and they go to school ,but they are bad people,they dont like the poor families they talk about us saying bad things.So I dont want to be rich,but I want to go to the school.

Casual email

To :

Subject : My vacations

Hi, Jose Pedro

How are you ?

Im going to tell you about my vacations.Im going to a trip around the world.First, we are going to England, we go to London to see the Big Ben.Then ,we were flying to France, in Paris we will see the Eiffel Tower.Its going to be great !

After that,me and my family we are going to Mexico and see the Chichen-Itza.I think that it will be exciting!Then were going to Europe to Italy and see the Pisa Tower.The name Pisa comes from the city that it is the Tower.Then we are going to United States of America.First,we were go to New York and we will see the Empire State and the statue of Liberty. And finally we will go to Washington D.C. ,and we will see the White House and the Washington square Park.

Its going to be fantastic !


Joaquin .