Casual email

To :

Subject : My vacations

Hi, Jose Pedro

How are you ?

Im going to tell you about my vacations.Im going to a trip around the world.First, we are going to England, we go to London to see the Big Ben.Then ,we were flying to France, in Paris we will see the Eiffel Tower.Its going to be great !

After that,me and my family we are going to Mexico and see the Chichen-Itza.I think that it will be exciting!Then were going to Europe to Italy and see the Pisa Tower.The name Pisa comes from the city that it is the Tower.Then we are going to United States of America.First,we were go to New York and we will see the Empire State and the statue of Liberty. And finally we will go to Washington D.C. ,and we will see the White House and the Washington square Park.

Its going to be fantastic !


Joaquin .


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