E-mail (Grammar test Remedial)

avion                                                                        June 5

Dear Julian,

I am answering the e-mail you sent me. I have never been to Europe, but I have been to the United States of America and Dominican Republic. In the United States I went to Orlando and Miami, two beautiful and great cities. In Orlando I went to the parks of Disney and Universal, and in Miami i was in a hotel called Sheraton, it was awesome. The last thing that we did was to go to a giant mall.

In Dominican Republic I went to Punta Cana in a hotel called Iberostar, it was a great hotel. The food that we ate there, was excellent. We did many activities that i lked so much.

With my passport, I can steel use it. Your pictures were awesome!


                            Joaquin Sifon


Formal Letter




Bandurrias 20

June 20,2013

Evergreen Terrace 190

Dear Mr. Jose Pedro Valenzuela,

I am sending you this letter to tell you that I received a new bike for my birthday, I like it so much my good friend.

The bike is very good and beautiful, it is red whith white wheels, with the best quality of breaks, the shock absorvers are one of the best that I have ever seen.

So, we can ride our bikes the next week here in my house.

Best regards,

Joaquin Sifon

Adventure on the river





Small: A. Contreras
Holmes: V. Macchiavello
Watson: J. Sifon
Mrs Morstan: L. Alvarez
Tonga: V. Gorichon

(Watson and Holmes are chasing Small and Tonga in the Thames river)

Small: You will never catch me!

Watson: Holmes speed up the yatch!

Holmes: Im doing it

(Holmes speed up the yatch and capture Small’s yatch)

Watson: Stop now or I will shoot you!

Small: I woll never stop

Holmes: Watson shoot!

(Holmes and Watson shoot to the wooden lego of Small)

Small: Ahhh my wooden leg, Tonga save me!

(Tonga save Small amd steal Holmes yatch)

Watson: Holmes our yatch!

Holmes : hurry up lets chatch them with Small’s yatch!

Watson: Wait if this is Small’s yatch here is the treasure

Holmes: Go and search for it Watson!

Small: Haha I have throw it around the Thames now you will never find it

Holmes: Well, we will catch you with or without the treasure

(Watson and Holmes kill Tonga and catch Small)

Mrs Morstan : Hello! I have came with the police

Watson: Mary! I have to say that I love you!

Mrs Morstan: I love you to!

Holmes: hey where is Small!?

Small: Im here

Watson: well we finaly catch Small so we have to give him to the police

(Watson and Holmes give Small to the police)

Frills and No-frills Airlines

The no-frill airlines are airlines that are worse than the frill ones.First,we are going to talk about what is a no-frill airline;second,we are going to talk about the frill airline;at last, we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the no-frill airlines.

What is a no-frill airline ?

– Is a no conventional airline that is cheaper than the normal ones.

-Is a strong competition for the conventional airlines because of their low fares.

What is a conventional airline?

-Is an airline that havea best quality,but is more expensive.

-The airplans includes a lot of things to do your fliying more funny.

Advantages and Disadvantages of no-frill airlines.


-The fares that you pay are cheaper.


-You won´t get a choice of class.

-You will probably not be able to reserve your flight.

-You will not have food brinks or meals.

-You will probably not have a magazine or something to read.

In my opinion I like more the conventional airlines , because of their food, movies, sometimes games,etc.