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Subject: Concert!

Hello Agustin,

I´m sending you this email because I´m inviting you to see Pitbull in concert.

I have two tickets to go to the concert.I like his music  so much, and I know you also like it.The concert will be on San Francisco on the 20 of October.

Our seats are the VIP ones, I won the tickets on a Pro Evolution Soccer championship.

I think the concert of Pitbull will be awesome!

Your Friend,

Joaquin Sifon


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To: JP@gmail.com

Subject: Outdoor Party!

Dear Jose Pedro,

I am sending you this e-mail to tell you about our outdoor party and what you need to bring.

I am going to put the drinks like Coke, Sprite, Crush, etc., and you will have to bring food like hamburgers, hot-dogs, pizzas, etc., and some snacks like lays (french fries) or chezzels. If it rains, we can change the date of the party.

See you in my house for the party.

Best regards,

Joaquin Sifon

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Hello Jose Pedro,

I am sending you this e-mail to tell you my opinion of the walks in London.

First, I like the Park walk It´s more than the others . I like the plants of the park and the picnics. Before we start, we can drink a coffe in the Gate Cafe. We can go on our bikes.

The River walk: I think it is a little boring.If you want to do this walk, it will take you two days. The only thing that I will like to do on this walk is the London Eye, but we can do another day. Also, the traditional English food we can have it another day.

Also, for the City walk we need the whole weekend and I want to do different things, so I do not like this walk so much.

Send me an e-mail of what walk you would like to do.

Your Friend,

Joaquin Sifon

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Hi Jose Pedro,

I´m sending you this e-mail because I will tell you that I´m going to a sport competition, if you win consequently meet a famous sport star, I will choose Messi, since I was a little boy I´ve liked Messi.

The rules are that if you start in the running competition before the bell sounds you can´t participate in that competition, also if you are late you will never participate  in the sports competition, in addition you have to use the right clothes. I like this competition in spite of the bad organization.

Your friend,