Writting assignment – Descriptive writing

I was in my house when someone call me, I don’t know who was but he or she said me that I have to go to Bakery Street it was very important. I go there and I saw she, it was a woman her name was Caroline and she call me because she know that I was one of the bests detective in London. She said criying that a murder killed her husdand like one month ago and he was triying to find a detective and one of her friends said that I was a very good detective so she call me. I saw the scene crime, it was a restaurant, it was very dark and tenebrous, the name of the restaurant was “the killer” , i will not like to eat there but it doesn,t matter. Something that was unusual it was that they never found blood. I said to Caroline that I thought that it can be poisoned and the one that she thougt that was the murder it can be a distraction. It could be veri complicated this crime.