The Castle of Amontillado Glossary

Ventured: To start to do something new or different that usually involve risk.
Example:It was obvious she was scared to venture anywhere near the edge.
Vow: A serious promise to do something or to behave in a certain way.
Example:That night she made a vow to herself.
Connoiseur: A person who knows a lot about something, an expert in a particular subject.
Example:I am becoming a connoisseur of these games over the years.
Doubt: To be uncertain about something, to believe that something may not be true.
Example:I doubt if she’ll go to you.
Immolate (immolation): To kill or destroy by fire.
Example:He was crazy so he immolated him.
Motley: Made up of many different people or things.
Example:Motley collection of vehicles of all types.
Conical: Shaped like a cone.
Example:That thing has a conical surface.
Fearful: Very bad or extreme. Feeling fear.
Example:Her large eyes were fearful once again.
Bargain: An agreement in which people or groups say they will do or give something in exchange for something else.
Vault: An arched structure of mansory usually forming a ceilling or roof.

Definitions taked from “Merriam Webster” dictionary.


Article about strange laws

Laws, they are all normally?

As we all know, in all of our countries we have laws that we have to follow, but today I learned something that surprised me, I saw the strangests laws that I had seen on my life.

Here in Chile one strange law I see was that if you are a woman and you has been widowed recently and you remarried after 270 days before your husband died you can face criminal charges. In France you can´t call a pig Napoleon, another strange law is the one that it is ilegal to chew chewing gum in Singapore.

I think that there are explanation for all of them. For the chilean law, I think that it exist because the police could think that the widowed woman could be the one that killed her husband. In France Napoleon was a very bad person for the history of the country and they don´t like him. In Singapore there are millions of persons, so the contamination of the country could be bigger if they chew chewing gum.

I think that in Chile the laws of security and penalty are very bad, in Chile they are always stealing and the sanctions aren´t very strong.

For finally, my opinion is that they are a lot of strange laws, but they all have a meaning.laws ingles

Correspondence Section 1: E-mail

Subject: Learning French

Dear Maleo,
I am writing to you because I want to tell you why I am learning french and how.
I started learning french a week ago because I will go to France for vacations. It is very difficult to learn and it have a lot of accents. I am learning on the internet in”Open French”.
I like to speak french but I like more english, it is much easier.

Your friend Joaquin.