Anchor: Good morning everybody. Welcome to the “Tolueno News” in our morning version.Let´s make a fast check of our todays news. Firstly we will talk about how a plane crashed in the Alpes.In the national news how a robber was cruelty assasinated by crew of robbers.In the euphoric of sports the Real Madrid destroyed Granada in an extremenly unfair match wining 9-1.

As for the first story of the morning we will hear how a plane crashed at the Italian Alpes leaving lots of victims and injures.In the international news I will leave you with Agustín Contreras our International News Reporter.

International Reporter: Thanks Fernando, Hi everybody today we are going to talk about the recent accident of a plane that crashed on yhe Alpes, this accident was on……OH.. wait we have just recived information from our reporter on the scene Israel, now I will leave you with Austin.

Austin:He-helo people,we are here in Israel and Palestine have just bombard a small city here, and this is, El Tolueno News around the world.

International Reporter:This conflict is very important for the politic, and social status in both countries, also they said that this conflict started around 2000 years ago, but in 1950 the small conflict turned to a  war. Experts and politicians said that the primary aproach to soluing the conflict today is so called”two-state solution” that would establish Palestine as an independient state in Gaza, leaving the rest of the land to Israel. This was Agustín Contreras reporting to The Tolueno News, back to you Fernando.

Anchor:Thank you Agustín that was really intresting. The situation is awful and I send my condolences to all the affected.

Okay in the national news section we will hear about a shooting at a subway station. Where one person died.The Metro autorities said they will improve security to prevent more situation like this.I will leave you with Joaquín Sifón our national news reporter.

National Reporter: Hello Fernando, as you said I´m going to talk about national news. As you can see here I am on the scene of crime that happend a few hours ago, a shooting was lived in the commune of San Ramón in Santiago. The PDI said that a 24 years old called Jose Luis Vergara Flores was murered by a strangers near the station San Ramón in Santiago at 9pm while he was escaping in his car, the police said that seven bullets came to him at least in the body, and thirty bullets to his car of Volvo brand. The PDI said that was murdered because it had hanging accounts with the persons that murdered him. After that an ambulance came to the place of the crime and took the assasinated to the hospital “Padre Hurtado”, where the doctors said that he was dead.This murdered young person had criminal records for homicide and thief by surprise.This was Joaquín Sifón informating for “Tolueno News.” Back to you Fernando.

Anchor:Thank you Joaquín really sad the destiny of Jose Luis althougthhis background isn´t necesary to have those type of ending to a beutiful story how is life or leaving sad regards to a family.Finally the favorite section of the morning, Sports, with the summary of the match of Real Madrid with Granada. I will leave you with Vicente Gorichon sports news reporter.

Sports Reporter: Thanks Fernando, hi everyone today we are going to talk about yhe match of Real Madrid v/s Granada.The match played on Sunday 5th of April, 2015 directed by Jesus Gil Manzano in Santiago Bernabeu.The game was very entretaining with a lot of goals.The world player of the year´s first three goals came within eight minutes following Gareth Bale´s opener, putting Real Madrid 4-0 up at the break.

Ronaldo´s fpurth goal came in the second half between two from Karin Benzema. Robert Ibañez reduced the arrears before Diego Mainz´s own goal, with Ronaldo heading his fith goal late on.

After the match Cristiano Ronaldo said on his twiter: “Happy to have score 5 goals with this excellent teamwork. Thank you for all your support”

Also Karin Benzema talks about his team-mate: ” Cristiano is phenomenum, he is always looking for goals”

Finally the Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti talks about his player Cristiano Ronaldo: “He has improved just as the team have, this is the first time he has scored five goals in a game and that is good news for everyone; for him, for the team and in the tearms of the upcoming fixtures.” This is Vicente Gorichon for the “Tolueo News” back to you Fernando.

Anchor: Thanks Vicente for that great summary of the match, everybody says that this game wasn´t a football match, they say that was a massacre.Okay that was all of the sports news section and also of the morning, thank you all for watching. These was Fernando Briceño for the “Tolueno News.” Have a nice day.


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