Money Changing Football

 Have you ever seen the prices of the most expensive players in football? They are so big that you can not imagine. Now there is so many money on football that lots of people are interested in this sport only for the money that you can win in it. Football has become a business for a lot of persons inside and outside football clubs.

 Betting in football is a giant business, now so many people put big amounts of money in football, that is why experts in this topic ensure that football is the king of sports betting. Football is the most popular sport in the world and that is why most people are trying to win money on it, also because football is a simple sport and everyone knows how it works. There are different types of betting, going from the result to something that can happen in the match, as a example, a bet house was paying a lot if someone bet that Suarez bite someone in the match. As you can see, betting in football move so many money, but there are a lot of different ways to win money in this sport.

 Millionaire people invested a lot of money in football, they have owned big clubs to make more money planning different strategies, making this sport a big business. Most typical new owners are the Arab sheikhs, they have owned some of the most important clubs, like Paris Saint-Germain or Manchester City, that were clubs with no importance in Europe, but now they have a best team because of their money and also they are favorites to win their leagues and Champions League. In the past, the presidents were in most of the occasions a fan of the team and he thought that the other fans were a motivation for players, but now as the president is not a fan, they think fans are a way to win money. Owners have found different ways to win money, another example are the sponsors.

 The sponsors have take an important role in the money of football clubs, we can see sponsors on t-shirts, stadiums,etc. Some examples given by David Lue, Sabreena Merchant, Jeffrey Nash and Ethan Settel(2013) on “Soccer Politics/The Money” are the Etihad Stadium or the Emirates Stadium. David Lue et. al(2013) confirmed that Emirates paid to Arsenal £100 million for 15 years of naming rights on the stadium and 8 years on the t-shirts. “Soccer Politics/The Money” affirmed that big clubs like Arsenal or Manchester United can still win a lot of money without the money that people pay to go to stadiums because of the sponsors. As you can see, sponsors are one of the things more profit gives to football clubs.

 As you observe, what you read before is a clearly example that confirms that football is making so much profit for lots of persons. Some people win money on betting, others directing from the inside of football clubs and those football clubs win money by sponsors; also there are different ways to win money in football. The investigation of this topic has confirmed my thoughts of what I knew about money in football and how important it was.


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