Article about strange laws

Laws, they are all normally?

As we all know, in all of our countries we have laws that we have to follow, but today I learned something that surprised me, I saw the strangests laws that I had seen on my life.

Here in Chile one strange law I see was that if you are a woman and you has been widowed recently and you remarried after 270 days before your husband died you can face criminal charges. In France you can´t call a pig Napoleon, another strange law is the one that it is ilegal to chew chewing gum in Singapore.

I think that there are explanation for all of them. For the chilean law, I think that it exist because the police could think that the widowed woman could be the one that killed her husband. In France Napoleon was a very bad person for the history of the country and they don´t like him. In Singapore there are millions of persons, so the contamination of the country could be bigger if they chew chewing gum.

I think that in Chile the laws of security and penalty are very bad, in Chile they are always stealing and the sanctions aren´t very strong.

For finally, my opinion is that they are a lot of strange laws, but they all have a meaning.laws ingles


Correspondence Section 1: E-mail

Subject: Learning French

Dear Maleo,
I am writing to you because I want to tell you why I am learning french and how.
I started learning french a week ago because I will go to France for vacations. It is very difficult to learn and it have a lot of accents. I am learning on the internet in”Open French”.
I like to speak french but I like more english, it is much easier.

Your friend Joaquin.


Questions of Project Educreation

healthy habits-thumb-400x279-53824

-What is the title of your topic?

Unhealthy habits in The Mackay School.

Where have you identified this issue? 

In the students of The Mackay School.

What are some possible consequences of it?

Get sick and put on weight.

What could you do to improve it? 

Taking out all the junk food.

Who does it most affect?

The students of the school.

Writting assignment


It was very late, so I said goodnight to everyone and I went to bed. I was triying to sleep but outside I hear some noise, I was scared, because this large house was terrorific. I heard someone talking outside but I do not know what they were talking, then I heard:” kill “, and someone shouted very loud, everyone woke up and went to see what happened, we were very surprised when all we see the murdered body of Patricia Plumstaff. No one knew what to do but I think that the best thing we can do is know who was the murder, so I call Sherlock Holmes. When he arrived he interview all, when it was my turn I told him the things I knew, I told him that at 10:36 I heard someone saying “kill” and that I saw three persons out of the house talking.

Healthcare services in Britain and Chile









Here in Chile the hospitales are free but in Britain you have to pay for services. In Britain to go to the dentist you do not have to register, you just only go there, because the centres are open at the time were the people can go to there. The clinics have more specialists, they are best as doctors but you have to pay for those services in Chile and also in Britain. In the pharmacies it is were you buy the medicaments, in a lot of parts including Chile and Britain you have to pay a lot of money for the medicaments. Here in Chile we need more free hospitales because the people that can pay the clinics are very much and you have to wait more than an hour. I like more the Healthcare services in Chile because you can go for hospitales and you dont pay but the services in Britain are better.

Photo description

photo description


In this photo I can see four persons, they are drinking tea or coffe and eating cake. The guy with the black hair is wearing a t-shirt and a sweat shirt. He is with a girl, the girl is wearing a dress and a scarf , she has brown hair. There is also a man, he is wearing only a t-shirt, he is bald. He is accompained by a woman that has blond hair, she is wearing a striped t-shirt and she is using sunglasses.

Everyone seems 25 years old, they are all seriousand looking to the camera. They are like in a park or something similar like a garden.